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Alright I'm new to the rover world and I picked up this salvaged 96 range rover SE. It's definitely got alot of issues that need to be addressed but for 850 dollars I can't complain much. It's already been switched over from EAS to springs so that's one thing I dont need to worry about.

oil leak from what looks to be front main seal.
false overheat issue
a/c blower in the dash will not turn off
dash needs to be replaced from air bags being deployed at some point
rear hatch wont open
hood needs to be replaced
sunroof needs to be repaired.

So far the only things ive done since i got it last week was replace the battery and change the oil. Going to replace the coolant temp sensor this afternoon and see if that helps with the gauge randomly going all the way to hot without any signs of actual overheating (boiling in the over flow, steam, ect). I do feel like the thing doesnt have as much get up and go as i would expect from it but that could be normal.

The plan is to go completely though this thing and get it back into tip top and then go from there.

Heres a few photos.

IMG_0260.jpg IMG_0261.jpg IMG_0262.jpg IMG_0263.jpg IMG_0264.jpg

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Good start, Phishy ! I don;t think the wheels (as you mentioned on your other thread) look so bad (and may even help the ride with springs now). What do other folks think ?

Biggest issue in your list above probably the oil leak (depending on how big it is...); Guessing the SRS is not working either ?!

Will watch your thread with interest and come back and help when I can; Obviously all kinds of things to do but still quite a bargain for 850 bucks, surely !
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