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passengers (uk) side mirror not lifting

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My father's '97 P38 has a frustrating mirror issue, theres this horrable image in it every time I look at it :shock:

And also it dips as it should when reverce is selected but does not lift again when drive is selected, the drivers side one works fine. Any clues? :think:

Tried a search but didnt find a simmerlar problem
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Could just be the motor? Unfortunately you'll need a new mirror unit at around the £150 mark.
Is this only in auto mode or does it adjust when using the switch?
It works perfectly with the switch no problems at all in all directions, it dips automatically as it should when Reverce is selected but then does not automatically lift again.
I get the same issue with my drivers side mirror, works fine manually off the switch but the reverse dip feature the mirror doesn't return back to it's original position when you select Drive.....ggrrrr.

Just had a brain wave as I typed this, I wonder if you disabled the auto dip feature, set your mirrors up normally and stored their memory position then re-enable auto dip???? I'm gonna try that as soon as I find out how the disable auto reverse dip :roll:
I am fairly sure on the Classic to disable it you just leave the adjuster switch witched to that mirror. Not sure on the P38A though.

Ignition in II, put it in reverse gear and press the seat memory button until it beeps and the mirrors return to the normal, not dipped setting

Yeah looked that up in the owners manual, tried turning off auto reverse dip and back on again altering the mirrors to suit but the drivers one won't lift back up when selector is moved out of reverse...drat!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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