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Passenger Seat won’t move forward and back

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92 RRC (no memory board)

Completely disassembled and cleaned the seat switch. Second time doing this. The first time, I used a bit of superglue to hold the bearings to the top of the tiny springs. I thought that was the issue and it took a while to clean up (got all of it) and reassemble. No superglue this time and do not recommend using it.

After install all of the other seat switch functions work but forward and back. Not happy. I will check the wires to the motor tonight. I will also try connecting a battery to the seat motor wires and see if there is any movement.

I may have a bad seat motor, but not sure my symptoms align with this. Thoughts?

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Fuse maybe. Can you raise/lower the front of the seat base?
I’ll bet there are some good junk yards in your area
Go find a Range Rover classic
Or a discovery 1
Get the controllers
They will be cheep
Give it a try
My switches just needed a good cleaning with electronic cleaner and a small brass brush to get all movements working again. (1987, unsure if the switch design changed at all in later models)

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KK88RC - Seats move in all directions via the switch (except forward and back).

Mikieman - I think my switch is good, but I will track down the motors and switch from a salvage yard.

Mscuil - My switch is the same as pictured. I completely disassembled it and used an erasure to clean all of the electrical contacts. I also used some electrical spray cleaner.

If the switch is good, could just the forward / back motor be out or do all 4 of the motors die together?

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Do you hear anything when you try to move forward or backward? Try assisting it by pushing. Track could be super dirty.
Also use a jumper on the wiring to rule out the switch. Something may have moved during reassembly. Ive used a it of dielectric grease to hold things in place.
I would think the motors are good the switch is bad
I would unplug the seat and jump the pins
To check the motors
My 92 passenger seat switch doesn’t do all the functions
But jumping pins makes it do all functions
The switch does the basics
I had this same problem and I cleaned out the tracks real good and removed the plastic panel from under the front of the seat as it was jamming up and that worked for me?

87 swb
I’ve been busy at work and haven’t had a chance to mess with it (regular job rather than my part time gig as a not very skilled rover mechanic).

First thing I am going to do is jump the wires to the motor.

I will report back once I figure out what’s up.

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On jumping the plug
If you don’t already know
You put power + - to the pins across from each other to get the motor to go in one direction
Then reverse the + - to make it go the other direction
Mikieman you were right. All seat functions worked when jumping the connections with a spare battery.

Pulled the switch and going to take another shot at putting it together again.

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Hope it works out for ya
Glad you narrowed it to the switch
All good. All seat functions work and everything buttoned up. It took a few times to get it right, but finally got it all together. (I think that the top switch in the picture below is wrong. I used a spare driver’s side seat switch for parts).

I appreciate everyone’s help.

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if you are in need of a switch and can't find it thru normal channels or it is priced a bit high, try procuring one fit for a 1980's vintage mercedes benz. keep in mind benz switches are mounted on door thus left side switch is land rover right, regardless of rover market.
A new place to look for parts for the collection
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