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Parking sensors

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Just ordered a set off e-bay will install then and let you know how I get on anyone who has done this before please give me some tips tricks
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JeremyD said:
Just ordered a set off e-bay will install then and let you know how I get on anyone who has done this before please give me some tips tricks
Been thinking of doing the same thing come spring.the parking bays are much tighter her in the UK than old RSA.Good Luck,look forward to hearing how you get on. :clap:

I had them installed on my car when I bought it in 2002. They take the feed from the reverse lights behind the plastic cover to get to the left side light. They drill some holes in the bumper and plug the sensors in. The module with the sound is placed behind the trim in the boot. It gives off enough sound to hear the beeps clearly.

I am sure you can find the right colour of the wires in the ETM of RAVE. If you have any problems I could take some pictures and post these.


Hi Jos

Thanks for the info did a little research before buying them.I was only unsure how loud the speaker was and if I put it in the boot would it be loud enough.

I suppose the only way is to install it have a listen and see if its right for me
fitted just at rear as part of a system with camera (mounted in bottom tailgate) and rear view mirror screen that clips over the existing mirror. Sensors could be fitted on their own.

Elecs not an issue except with the camera were I'd recommend keeping the loom running from back to front away from the existing loom as there is some slight distortion/tramlines which I guess is radiated energy.

As I'd read that the rear bumper is a plastic wrapper over the steel 'beam' a check underneath seemed to confirm this - so as not to have to drill large holes in a steel beam I carefully measured the lip at the bottom of the bumper and there is just enough space

Is someone wants photos either tell me in simpleton terms how to upload or send me a PM and I'll e mail direct
PM sent waiting for those photos
I fitted my speaker behind the lamp access panel and it is plenty loud enough. The only real problem was identifying the reverse lamp feed as all the wires are white with no identifying marks. There is a grommet in the spare wheel well that i put the sensor feed wires through. Fitted Iron grey sensors and it looks like a proper job.
My sensors arrived today, please send me those photos so I can have a better idea on how to fit them I dont want to end up have 12 holes in my rear bumper
Recieved some photos from scimitargtc here they are

Im in the process of installing my parking sensors will post photos of it once its done


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I'll be following this thread closely.

I 've been thinking about electromagnetic sensors, which don't require drilling.

Does anybody know if they'll work with the Rangie's metal bumper ?

[attachment=0:rbzu2mpy]05022010021-001.jpg[/attachment:rbzu2mpy]I finished my installation on monday i ended up having to get a special tool to cut through the steel stiffner in the bumper otherwise it was pretty easy. Any one with questions feel free to ask i will assist were i can


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This will complement my Wireless reversing camera nicely.
Is this what you guys get:

http://cgi.ebay.com/Car-Parking-Reverse ... 4a9e29c19d

If not can someone post a current link?
Bought mine with reverse sensors but looks simple enough, noted while bumper was off when car was in for spraying that there were holes drilled in inner steel bumper section.

Wiring went through left side rubber cromet (one on each corner floor area)
Connection made to reverse lights.
Mine came with a Led segment display and that was mounted on ceiling right at the back in the midlle, makes sense when looking back in mirror while reversing

I'll make an effort and post pics up on my blog abit later
desertboy that is pretty similar to what I bought here is the exact link to what I got

http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayI ... MEWNX%3AIT
Jeremy, Thanks for the link.
Having the sensors positioned on the straight section of the bumper as opposed to having the end two at the corners, can they pick up objects from the corners that are not directly behind the bumper?
They pick up objects pretty well you need to remember that they send out a signal in a cone shape not only in a straight line. One thing i world advise you to do if you are fitting them is to buy a decent hole saw that can cut metal
The kit probably comes with a hole saw for cutting hard plastic. Not suited for the cow catchers we have on our trucks. I think I'll order the one with the LED display from eBay. Hopefully, it won't interfere with my wireless reversing camera.
The hit did come with a hole saw but my bumper made short work of that, I was driving around like a mad thing looking for a proper metal hole saw I couldnt be seen with half cut holes in my bumper
I didn't realize how much a good quality hole saw was. Nearly as much as the reversing sensors. Anyone has an idea where to get a cheap good hole saw from here in the US? The ones I've see are rated for Stainless steel and Brass.

http://www.homedepot.com/h_d1/N-5yc1vZ1 ... ogId=10053
I managed to borrow one from a friend I only needed it for 20min
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