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Hi all,

I'm new to the RRS world, inherited a 3.6 V8 off my old man :) It's been in the garage a few times since then :-( Firstly, is it common practice for a garage (whilst trying to bleed my brakes) snap off the bleed nipple off one of my enormous Brembo Calipers, then bill me for his incompetence? £700 later and a brand new Caliper. Sorry I digress.

I've got the long beep on selecting D or R, and the phrase 'Front parking sensor inactive' written on the display, does this mean the issue is more than likely the front sensors? I also read that you can hear ticking from sensors that work? I can't hear nothing next to the V8 monster on idle.

Any advice is greatly received, failing that any hilarity at my expense is also welcome, thanks

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