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I am looking for someone in the North Dallas / McKinney, TX area that does paint correction, buff and wax. I am having a heck of a time finding anyone near me that does this kinda thing. I see all these videos on Youtube of the amzing luster that can be brought back to tired paint. I have 4 vehicles that are in need and I'd love to find the "right guy or place" to do this for me. I could probably learn how to do this and make the investment in the necessary tool and products, but I simply dont have the time to pull it off. Can someone recommend a person or place that does this is the north Dallas area? Thanks in advance and here are the 4 vehicles that I want to do:

2007 RR S/C black on black
2009 Cadiallac Escalade blue on tan
2011 RR S/C silver on black
2011 Alpina B7 LWB graphite on black
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