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I've read lots of posts on the doors locking and unlocking by themselves, but I thought I'd post what I've found so far and see if anyone can narrow things down before I take the door(s) apart. Tried to shoot some WD40 into the lock, but that didn't help. The rover locks by itself, usually after rain. Once it dries out, it's less frequent. It can be when driven, or just sitting there. Operating the lock using the key instead of remote, usually the first time all 4 doors will unlock, and generally locking with the key will also lock all 4 doors. Using the key more than that, usually will unlock only the driver's door. If I then open the door after such an unlock, it will alarm (which would seem to indicate that manual unlocking is working, but the switch telling the system that the door is unlocked is not functional, and so alarm is not disabled). Triggering the remote to unlock turns the alarm off (which would seem to indicate that the switch DOES work, or it has logic to assume that the alarm should be off, since the last action was unlock, even if all doors do not report unlock)

If the locks operate by themselves, they generally want to lock, not unlock, even if already locked (motors are triggered, but they are already locked). But it has done both. This only does the 3 other doors, but not the driver's door. If operated by the inside lock lifter on the door, this will usually unlock and lock all 4 doors, but after about 15 seconds after unlock, it only operates the driver's door (which I think is a "feature", i.e., intended). In other words, if I lock with the remote, then unlock with the inside door lock, it will unlock all 4 (most of the time), but after about 15 seconds, I think it only operates the driver's door.

Anyone had a situation like that?
Which switch was the culprit?
Is it a safe assumption that it is the driver door mechanism / switches?

By the symptoms, I'd say everything CAN function, it just doesn't all the time, I think I'm looking for a corroded or dirty contact somewhere. I hear the locks can be disassembled and cleaned / greased, which sounds like a good start, I just want to find it on the first try... Driver door?

Thanks for the help! I have everything else working perfectly, this is the last annoying thing I've been living with for too long.
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