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P38 tire and rim sizes

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I was looking at putting some 15 inch rims and 31x11.00x15 thronbirds on my 99 HSE. I have a couple on questions. Are the break rotors on the p38 small enough to accept 15 inch rims. Can i mount these tires without a lift? This vehicle already has a coil conversion kit done and I plan on putting 2 inch spacers under the springs. The question is, should I do it before or after I buy the tires?
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I "think" there was a guy running around on 15's awhile back. It's probably going to depend on the manufacturer whether or not the brakes will fit. Your best bet will be some steel wheels, but unless someone else chimes in with some real world experience, your best bet is to try them on before you buy them. And you'll probably need some centering rings also.

As for the tires... the height isn't a problem as much as the width is. they'll fit, but I bet they'll rub at full lock or when the wheel is stuffed. You're better off getting that 2" lift and then throwin on some 33 x 9.50's.

PS...thornbirds are a royal piece of sh*t off road tire. There's MUCH much better options out there for you.
Did you think of Kancler?

In this thread he says he'll use 15 inch rims from a 5 series BMW: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=16628

He links to pictures of the rims mounted: http://public.fotki.com/Kulmanis/r15/

I know the TSL Thornbird is not a true offroad tire, But I have had excellent wear out of them and they perform better than most AT tires. I was going to go with 31x12.50 boggers but i figured the diffs couldn't handle all the traction in the mud. I drive a lot out to wellsites and this will be a secondary car for me anyways.
I dunno dude, if you have had good experience with the Thornbirds I guess go for it. I had them on my lifted ZJ and effing hated them. They don't balance for sh*t and were horrid on the pavement and I wasn't impressed in the mud either. I gave them to a friend and I don't think he wants to speak to me anymore. I switched to MTR's and I am glad I did even though they are expensive. I run General Grabber ATII's most of the time for pavement/snow and light wheeling and they dig and clean pretty good, better than BFG's IMHO, but switch to the MTR's when I know I'm going wheeling in the slop. Micky T's Mud Country I hear are pretty solid, even some Pro Comp XTerrains I feel are better for an AT with mud intentions.
i'm running the grabbers in one of the worst states in which to drive in the country. i'm on the highway 2.5 hours a day commuting through potholes that make the road resemble the tunnels of cu chi after a B-52 strike. they've been great for me. only done cross-country type wheeling and through the woods. no rough stuff b/c it's my daily. they've been awesome in snow and pooled water too; b/c i also live in one of the oldest states in the country and some of the drainage dates to the 1700's around me. literally. i will say the sidewalls have gotten a workout b/c frankly the wife and i just crush what ever is in our path that's lower than the fog lamps...they're not even phased. i consider them a bargain. nothing against the bfg's. they're awesome. i just thought general imitated them closely and gave the grabbers a shot.
Don't worry about snapping an axle. Unless you have lockers and/or a really heavy foot, I doubt you'll do it. That's the beauty of traction control and a viscous center diff...there's a lot of chusioning there to keep violent impacts away from the axles and diffs.
Well boggers it is then. I wonder what the minimum lift is to clear 31x12.50. I like to keep my driveline angles as straight as possible.
Do they make a bogger in a narrower size than 12.50? I'm worried that the extra width and the nasty huge outside lugs will cause a problem at full turn or flex.

31's will fit fine with no lift. 33's with 2" lift.
From Thornbirds to Boggers, on a Range Rover? :shock:
There are many tires out there with better road manners and equally good off road capabilities.
I would really try to stick to an alloy wheel to save some weight, and get some tires that dont weigh a ton. The wheel/tire combo on my wheeling rig weighs 137lbs per corner! I could have different wheels and save a considerable amount, same with the tires (I run Radial SSR's, which are heavy).
Just my .02
Either way, keep us posted!
I realize that there are excellent other tires out there. But this is a "juvenile" project for me. I just want a toy! I really like boggers and I like the look of minimal lift with maximum tire width. I think I can do some fender trimming and maybe fit them without a lift. For the future I have big plans. I have a vortec 350/4l80e combo in my dads shop for when the motor blows. I am kind of wondering if the borg warner T-case can handle the extra torque. If it can I was going to use offset high pinion dana 60. if not I would use a NP 205 with a center pumpkin in the back. I already realize I have to drop the fuel tank if I want a center diff. My final goal is to have a mechanically bulletproof p38 that I can use for years and years.
I want to see a P38 with boggers!!!!

They make them for a 16" rim... Just get a set of 16" disco wheels on the cheap, and don't worry about all that steel wheel junk.
I vote for the 33x10.50's with a 2" spacer lift. :clap:

Show some pics when you get it done.
I think ill go wide and short for now. If I can get it properly chevy powered, I would prob go with 35x16's. I never was a fan of tall narrow tires. Is the rover 5x120 the same bolt pattern as a 5x4.75. If it is, it will be very helpful.
From my research, the only wheels that interchange with the P38 are the Disco II's.
I run 37x12.50x16's on the Cherokee, would be very interesting to see how they looked on the Rangey me thinks :think:
The problem with anything bigger than 33's is the wheel arch is too small. It's not like on TJ's where it's a trapezoid...it's a perfect circle like on the old CJ's.
Yeah I have noticed that with the bumpers too, which is why I am going to make the openings larger on the next 3 I make that are sold already.
I also looked briefly into what it would take to open them up, and I see no "easy" way to do so without a LOT of seam welding etc.

I am aware of what factory rims will fit it. I am concerned with aftermarket rims.
ldoyel said:
I am aware of what factory rims will fit it. I am concerned with aftermarket rims.
Fair enough then.
I suggest getting on the fone/net and seeing what company makes the correct offset, backspacing and lug pattern for the P38 then.
Ive looked but my main question is.....Is a 5x4.75in blot pattern the exact same pattern as a 5x120mm. I realize the conversions are very close. It would be easy if I could bolt on a set of 5x4.75in pattern rims and life would be grand.
Well no, 120mm is not the same as 4.75". As to whether there is enough "slop" to move the wheel around to get all 5 lug nuts off center by the same amount would be up to the end user IMO.
You also need to consider the diameter of the hole in the center of the wheel etc too
Only way to tell would be to get some wheels of that (5x4.75) pattern and try to mount them up?

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