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P38 Sunroof

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My P38 sunroof mechanism has died after the last owner used brute force to close it and broke a part of the mechanism. Is it possible to remove the roof panel of a P38 to replace it with a replacement roof that has a working sunroof? And is this the easiest way to replace a broken sunroof mechanism. If not, and if I have to change the sunroof and its mechanism only, does anybody have any tips on undertaking this job? Many thanks
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Hi there I am a big fan of the sunroof. I replace my whole sunroof at once. Just remove the headliner screws from the front and sides, then lower it to gain access to the 6 sunroof bolts. Remove the glass and COVER your dash with thick towels.
Then slide it out pass side front door and lube up a new used one and reverse the proccess. After it is in drop the glass in and it will self align. With glass in it is a 2 man job. Good Luck
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P38 yes I too love the sun roof so when wife drive friend home last winter forced frozen sunroof open and it stayed that way well after buying new rails and pulling out I was lost and bought use one rails motors everything well if you don't have the adjustment tool that I thought looked like screwdriver I had what a mess still it opens but leaks and will not close

The sunroof works on 2 tracks that can be replaced. The glass is removed and taken out then the tracks can be removed and replaced and then the glass is replaced. The bad part is the tracks cost about $400 a piece even though it may just be one small piece in the track that broke. The small pieces in the track can not be purchased separately.

Atlantic British sell the tracks.

- Yes there is more to repairing the sunroof than what I described above but that is the high level look of it.
You can also (with a but of fiddling and maybe some cursing - but it saves stripping the whole headlining/sunroof cassette out) remove all the sunroof track parts from the vehicle through the sunroof aperture.

I did it on mine when I first bought it, so I could replace a broken track, and didn't fancy stripping the headlining aswell at the time, as it wasn't yet sagging! A bit of a fiddle in a couple of places, but definitely doable!
I actually just finished replacing the broken plastic parts of the slides in mine with a set I purchased on Ebay however be warned & check all dimensions of aftermarket parts. Measure with a digital vernier as I found the new parts to be oversize in several areas, however this was soon rectified with some wet & dry paper as were slight variations. I then took out the aluminium tracks on each side ( only 4 screws on each & come out through sunroof opening with headlining in place )
and thouroghly cleaned them, then sprayed the ares that slides run in with Selleys Ezy Glide which is an instant dry silicone lubricant so will not attract dust etc when open. working perfect now!
The only thing I need to source now are the plastic glides which fit onto the internal shade cover (there are 4 of these ), can anyone here advise where I could find these?
I tried the replacement plastic parts from ebay last year. they initially sent me a mixed up set (some RH and some LH parts). They immediately rectified that mistake, which I was happy about. What I found out is that it wouldn't matter how much I filed, the pieces were never going to fit well enough for it to ever work. I wouldn't recommend them. I would also be leery of second hand rails, as they will be as prone to breaking as your originals.. The new rails should last as long as the originals (which isn't long enough) in theory, but they are very expensive. For the time being I've opted to keep my sunroof closed.
I spent two days filing and fettling a set of the eBay 3D printed parts until they ran nice and smoothly. I opened and closed the roof once and it worked. Second time it went crack and stopped working again. Not worth the hassle.
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