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1995-2002 Range Rover P38A
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Hi all,

I have paid someone to sort out the issues i had with my rr but I am broke now and could use some help.

Car was fine...no codes. SAI pump issue was a broken wire which the mechanic replaced leading from the relay to the little black box(ecu) on the driver's side firewall behind the air pump.

Now I have noticed the check engine light. I cleared the "secondary air injection power stage failure" and I thought it was fine as the code did not come back. I then got a MFS code and I cleaned it with MFS cleaner. I still had the code so I cleaned it again with cleaner and q tips.

I then drove it and the engine light when on and then later would flash.

It was coming up with the same sai power stage failure and also had misfires in cylinders 1 and 6 and the engine was backfiring slightly at idle every once in a while.

I cleared the codes and reset the adaptations and I am still getting the SAI power stage fault. I checked the replacement wire and the plug to the relay and there was continuity. I switched the relay a few times with no luck.

I am lost. I did disconnect the MAF and it threw a code. I plugged it back in and reset and code is gone. I did look at the IAT temp and it is not right.

If the IAT temp is -22 celcius and its 50+ degrees farenheit outside, can that cause the SAI pump to not work?

I again tested the pump on a separate 12v and it sounds fine(hairdryer)

Any help?

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