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1995-2002 Range Rover P38A
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I recently had success bringing life back to my P38 and thought I would write about it so others may find my experience helpful.

Recently I returned from a store unlocked the door with the key and found the engine would not start and the instrument panel said engine disabled. I have no key fob so I had no way to get the BECM out of alarm mode.

I returned to the P38 with 2 ideas found online.

1. Try the EKA method. This did not work. The BECM like most others sold in North America did not have this setting enabled.
2. Take negative lead off battery and hope the BECM would reset. This also did not work. It will not reset.

I found BECMDoctor.com online and spoke with the Owner Scotty. He instructed me to order online the reset for $250 plus shipping.

I took out the front passenger seat (left hand drive model for North America) and removed the BECM. Sent it to BECM Doctor.

While it was in route to be reset I became concerned that this could happen again. I decided to replace the drivers door latch/actuator based on my belief it was broken and that is why the BECM went into alarm mode. I noticed while trying to perform the EKA method the other door locks where not locking and unlocking. There there was no sound of the drivers door unlocking with the help of the actuator. The only thing that was happening was the actual key lock was moving and mechanically unlocking the lock. I also remember the lock was very difficult to lock that week. I thought at the time it was the lock cylinder that may be going bad.

Based on these two things my thought was the BECM did not get the electrical signal from the door actuator telling the BECM the door was being unlocked with a key. Instead the BECM thought someone had entered the car without unlocking the doors and was now trying to start the engine so it went into engine disable mode.

Based on this I decided to replace the door latch/actuator. Being $200 plus the $250 the the BECM Doctor I figured $450 was worth trying to bring the P38 back to life. Since if this would not work it was going to the salvage yard.

Here is the steps I used for the repair.

1. Unhook negative lead to battery
2. Remove passenger seat
3. Remove BECM, very easy, just look for 2 bolts holding down on the side facing the glove compartment. The bold closest to the center console is hidden by wires.
4. Ship off BECM
5. Remove indoor panel of drivers door
6. Unscrew 25 torx screw for outside door handle from the side of the door.
7. Remove outside door handle (unhook rod that connects door handles key lock and unlocking first, then unattached the rod from the door actuator with the red attachment inside the door. You can then remove the outside door handle bringing the rod you disconnected from the red latch inside the door.
7.Have a second person hold the rod that was removed from the outside door and the rod that is the inside door lock. .
8. Unscrew the 2 screws holding the inside door handle and slide the unit to the left so it is free. No need to unhook the wire
9. Unscrew the 3 torx screws holding the door latch/actuator onto the door.
10. While the door latch/actuator is suspended in air unhook the wire for the inside door handle
11. Remove the door latch/actuator
12. Reinstall door actuator, inside door handle, outside door handle in reverse order
13. Reinstall door panel
14. Reinstall BECM
15. Reinstall seat
16. Reattach negative battery lead
17. Start engine and enjoy

Now for the best part of sending the BECM to BECM Doctor. He also enables the EKA code and gives it the generic code of 1515. So if this happens again I can reset the BECM out of alarm mode without the key fob.

Why not buy a key fob from the dealer? Unfortunately Land Rover has discontinued them and they can no longer be purchased.

Hope this may help someone.

1995-2002 Range Rover P38A
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Good result!
Mine locked me out one day, luckily for me 1 mile from my house. So I walked home and printed off the instructions - didn't work first time but I worked it out.

I swear if the car had a brain it would be psychic. I'd only just read about the EKA key turning trick and voila! The car got me to perform it the very next day :lol:

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I'm in need of getting my BeCM for my 99 P38 unlocked however, I'm unable to navigate to becmdoctor.com do I have the correct URL?
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