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To all those with key fob problems, don't despair, there is assistance out there.
Here in the UK we supply 100% compatible ( non flip case) key gobs for the P38 Range Rover ( all variants & all countries).
Please find below the 5 different options that we have available to assist you.

Aaron. Well done for purchasing a Nanocom.
You most likely won't be able to see the Key Code with your Nanocom. All BECMs were "Locked" before the vehicles left the factory ( For obvious security reasons), therefore things like EKA codes & Key Codes would not be available to view or alter.
Over the years companies like black box have developed diagnostics tools that can do more than a standard " off the shelf" diagnostics tool.
The people that make your Nanocom also manufacture a range of devices called Faultmate & you can get specialist software packages that are able to perform more functions than the Nanocom.
However even this range of tools can't simply plug into the OBD Port & retrieve this information, you need to remove & dismantle the BECM then solder 6 wires on to the controller chip, connect the Faultmate device, then with the relevant software you can get to the memory section of the controller chip.
At this stage & with this tool we can also remove the Factory "Locked" status, once we have done this you would be able to see the EKA code & Jey code with your Nanocom.
We offer this level of service in the UK & have performed this for owners in various parts of the world.
Regarding your "Flip" Key Fob, at this time only Landrover themselves produce a fully programmed "Flip" case Fob, we supply a "Aftermarket" Non Flip" version ( Similar to the Landrover Discovery 2 Fob).
Yo have 5 choices for getting a replacement Key Fob.
1) Direct from Landrover, This Carrie's the risk of paying for & receiving the wrong key if the BECM in your car has been changed at some point in the past.
2) Send us a working key Fob , we will extract data from it & produce a fully programmed, 100% compatible Aftermarjet fob ( including blade already cut to suit your car
if you need to use your vehicle on a daily basis & don't want to risk sending your only fob, you can use your Nanocom to "Disarm" your security systems ( temporary) whilst you send us your Fob.
You can have your local locksmith produce a standard Flat key ( Non Fob) to use in the meantime.
3) we could send you a small capture device that you can use to capture the data from your fob on our behalf return the device to us E
we produce the new fob & send it to you but you will need to either send us a Flat Key cut to suit your car ( so that we can cut the blade on your new Fob, or you would need to get the blade of your new fob cut by a local locksmith.
4) Send us your BECM & Fob, we will do everything needed & return to you a "Plug & Play" BECM & Fob.
5) we can supply you with a " Virginalised" & Unlocked Service Exchange BECM & 2X Fully programmed Fobs (with Generic key codes & uncut blades), again you would need to have the blade cut by a local locksmith.
There would be a surcharge payable until we receive your old unit back st which time the unit surcharge would be returned.
Sorry for the long winded reply.


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