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I wonder if anyone can tell me what alloy wheels were fitted on the Model year 1995 (VIN TA326xxx)

I got from LandRover the copy of the production order of my car and it states the wheels fitted were << 8J 5 spk(5) 255x16 Pirelli >>

I am trying to restore my car to the original spec and I would like to fit the original 16" wheels it came with from the factory.

I did some online research and I came to the understanding that the 5 spoke 8J could be the "Stratos", but apparently also the "Spyder" is identified as a 5 SPOKE even if it has "sort of" 10...8~

I remember my car had a "Spyder" as a spare, but since I got the car second hand back in 2005, I am not sure if that was the original wheel

Unfortunately the records do not specify exactly what are the wheels fitted, only that they are 16" x 8J

Anybody here who could shed some light?

Thanks ;-)

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Your spare would have matched the originals. When folks change out wheels they usually leave the spare in it's cubby because they don't the added expense of another wheel... or they forget it is there. It's amazing the number of owners that have never looked at their spare tire.

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Not saying this is definitive but just looking through a hard copy of RR026/96 (i.e. published 1996) does not show the Spyder in it, either in any of the photos or available in the 'Wheel' options.
Which are shown below, not quite sure why it lists the two options in the way it does, but there it is.

Standard fitment

Model: Alloy 'Name': Size: Tire profile:
4.0/2.5 DT 'Classic' 7 x 16 235
4.0 SE/2.5 DSE 'DBL' 7 X 16 235
4.6 HSE 'Stratos' 8 x 16 255

Optional features:
all models 'Mondial' 8 x 18 255

Accessory Only:
all models 'Triple Sport' 8 x 18 255

I searched for this publication and you can see it here, though not in great detail link
FYI mine 1995 4.6 HSE was Stratos, including the spare.

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1995-2002 Range Rover P38A
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Ah i forgot to mention my car is a 4.0 SE so in theory it should have come out from the factory with the DBL 7Jx16 but since the internal production order clearly states 8J 5 spoke with 255/16 pirellis, that should, in theory, lead to the Stratos type nontheless from the catalogue that does not appear to be an option unless it could be forced in the system when the order was generated at the delaership . what is confusing is that my car had a Spyder brand new spare wheel on Pirelli Scorpio and the catalogue does not show the spyder as an option

bah, I feel there is no right or wrong...who knows maybe the wheels were replaced more than once and even the dealership could have made changes on customer’s request in its own showroom before delivering the car.

I could still look at the service history(partial unfortunately), maybe there is some hidden clue

alternatively I could just forget the whole thing and and get a set of 24” with nice spinners in chrome with swarowski accents...:lol:

just kidding...:twisted:

on a serious note I am torn apart, the spider looks a lot like the Hurricane, whilst the stratos is a completely different thing and would be a change in the looks plus I need to take into account the WAF*

I might check with SWAMBO**, better be safe...

Once I decide , then I need to look for tyres...

* wife acceptance factor
** she who always must be obeyed
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