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Hi All,

have a problem similar as described above.
Bought a 2001 P38 4.6 HSE Vogue. Guess don't have to tell you why :)
The car was delivered with only 1 key and no EKA.
I got the EKA and ordered two new keys (one for the wife and one for me, the one what was with the car will be spare)
So I went to the LR dealer and two days ago I ordered two keys ( I did not know about #1 etc. )
Quickly two keys came in and today I picked them up. The mechanic would synch them, but hurrah it did not work.
I now can only use them as EKA keys,
I found out about the issue of #1 etc. and the one key I had with the car has #1.
The two new keys have #1 and #2

So what to do now?
I contacted the LR dealer and they said I had to make an appointment to hook up the car to the testcar to sync the keys? Wonder if that will do the job, having read the above.
I have made an appointment in a few days, but if anyone can give me advice or (a) tip(s) on how to sync the keys ( I do know the procedures, have tried them and they did not work.
Probably it is possible (by the LRD) with the computer testcar to reprogram the car's computer, but it is only a chance and might not work,
But it could be an option trying.

So If you have any suggestion on how I could get the new keys #1 and #2 synchronised with my car, that would be very much appreciated.

1 - 1 of 43 Posts
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