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2006-2009 Range Rover P38A
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I am after advice in relation to my 1998 p38 diesel, auto 2.5.
last month the vehilce was left on the drive from 4 days and when I went to use it it failed to start and battery died, new battery fitted plus still failed to start. P38 was recovered to a garage and immobilser was recoded to BECM (Cost of £40.00). everything was fine until I returned home one day after a night shift and found the P38 with the indicators on all the time. used blip to unlock / lock car lights went out but then tried to start it and flat battery. Recharged and refitted and now wont start again.

RAC have been out and have been unable to access EOBD system for unknown reason not sure if fault with tough book computer, user or car.
patrol put car in to hard to fix catergory and drove off and car is now stranded.

Fourm mentions RF receiver draining battery and not allowing BECM not to sleep hence flat battery.
If this gets disconnected and auto box P selector still has a faint red light illuminated, which is not suppose to happen.

any guidance / advice please.

many thanks

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