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p38 HAVC Issue Only Blows Hot Air

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I sold my 06 HSE for a project car. I bought a 99 HSE with 100k on it. It appears to be solid mechanically, but there is one issue. The climate control only blows hot air. The Book with Exclamation mark are lit up on the climate control system. The AC compressor does come on when you set the CC panel to low, so I think it is most likely a blend motor issue. I wont pay the dealership 1000 to replace the parts, so I will do it myself. Is there anything else I should check before I go into my dash and replace the blend motors? Also, any advice on how to replace the motors would be helpful.
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Here is some additional info. I can direct the heat to the window, the center ducts or the floor. The only thing I cannot change is the temperature.
Still in need of some help on this one guys!
Its either the sensor on the heater pipe or sensor on the matrix to the right I believe...Im does the same but havnt had a gap to replace various sensors, hope to get too it soon as winter is near (Not that it gets that cold...) the joys of living in SA
Could be a little more specific? HVAC systems are not my strong suit.
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