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Hi All

Have a problem with a 2001 P38 engine immobiliser.

Engine has been out of the car and battery discounnected for the last 5 months, have been trying the code with the key in the lock turning it left and right but engine is still disabled.

I know the code is correct as i have had to go through the process before to disable the immobiliser and i know that you get locked out after a certain number of go's. Left over night and tried again next day but still saying engine disabled.

Any ideas on the problem, does the system forget the code after the battery has been out for a certain period of time? Or are there any other reasons or things i can try to get the immobiliser unlocked?


One thing to add, even though the battery is connected and alarm light is flashing in the car the central locking does not activate, is this also associated to the immobiliser or is this another issue.

I have been looking around as i really want to avoid getting it towed to land rover, do i need the BECM syncmate to reset the system?

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Re: P38 Engine Immibiliser locked out engine disabled problem

Drivers door latch...

If the central locking doesn't activate when the key is turned in the door lock, then either the latch is faulty and not sending the unlock command to the BECM for the other doors, or there's an issue between the outstation and the BECM.

The first thing to check (as it's free) is inside the door jamb there are 3 connectors. You need to pull the rubber wire cover out of the bodywork on the vehicle and then gently retrieve the connectors from inside the space there. I found on an older P38 that a couple of these pins had gone green and was causing an intermittent connection between the outstation and the BECM, and thus central locking signals weren't getting through.

If the signals from the microswitches can't get through then the the EKA method won't work either, as they are used for transmitting the code.

The next thing to test (also free) is the microswitches in the latch. There is a good walkthrough of tests on this page:


Where it shows you how to test the CDL switch, Key switch, and the Door Ajar switch... If any of these fail the test, then it's new latch time - and hopefully then you will be able to get it to input the EKA and get it running.

One other thing to note is that if the vehicle has been locked with the remote, then unlocking it with the key will then only unlock the drivers door until the EKA is input. I found this out, and was the reason I replaced my drivers latch - and then found out that the operation was normal...

The wiring and the microswitches are the first things to test before ordering a latch..

If you do need a replacement latch, the Island 4x4 is where I got mine from - about £100 including VAT. all orders over £50ex vat include shipping, which is usually next day. No affiliation with them, other than a happy repeat customer!

Hope this helps,

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Re: P38 Engine Immibiliser locked out engine disabled problem

Its called the EKA, "turning key...left and right" just seems too vague.

Do you get "keycode lockout" after x times (for your MY) or on battery connection (do your doors locks toggle/shut also when you do that) does your green cluster "park light" do the confirmation flash on key turn.
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