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Just want to give a heads up on this, especially for the electronically challenged like me.

I recently did a 5000-mile trip FL to CO and back, after a major rebuild (top end and some other stuff) last year. Rover ran great; new valves, head gaskets timing gear etc... made a huge difference at 160k mi. I was proud to have done the work myself except of course for machining; saved a bundle. These trucks are not all that hard to work on, just time consuming.

At ~2500 mi in Colorado, I replaced the battery which seemed to not be holding a charge. Plus I was getting some of the general weirdness associated with a bad battery. NAPA guy checked it and it was not dead but not great either. But it was a 3-yr old battery so I did not mind replacing it.

All was good for the next few days, including night driving, until ~4000 mi while cruising around Dallas. The Rangie just died on me. Dead as a doornail; zero electrics. I could not see anything wrong and was not in a great location so called AAA.

Had it flatbedded to North Texas British, excellent Indie shop. They could have hit me for a new alternator which is what I feared. But they found that my main alternator lead had loosened up, from when I replaced everything after the teardown. It was intermittent but was arcing some and burned the connector, though it cleaned up fine.

After this, all is well; back home in S FL; Rover and dog are happy. All the posts I've read here that encourage keeping on top of the electricals are dead on!

De oppresso liber.
1999 4.6 HSE Bosche w/ milspec steel rims
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