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Having recently purchased another fine example of Land Rover engineering I find myself on a forum…. Sound familiar….
My most recent buy is a P38 Range Rover with a non egr BMW Diesel engine.
I bought it from a very good friend who didn’t have the time or inclination to sort a few issues out.

Its a 1998 P38 diesel which had a new engine put in approx 30K miles ago. It ran absolutely fine up until 6 months ago. My friend was driving along then all of a sudden everything went dead.
He managed to get it going again and got it to a garage he knew. After £800 and a rebuilt Fuel Injection Pump all seemed well. Shortly though, he noticed a lack of power on hills and it would randomly cut out on him. He got so fed up, he parked it on his drive and bought another vehicle.

So here I am trying to fix it… albeit without access to a diagnostic machine.

We have running rough and lacks power on hills and sometimes take several attempts to get it started.

What I have seen so far:
1. Leaky diesel over run pipes. I have ordered new ones… so ok here, when they arrive.
2. MAP Sensor pipe looked perished so I have put a new pipe on this.
3. When it is running, I notice there are air gaps in the fuel delivery… From the fuel filter housing to the FIP, the pipe is clear rather than black(Which helps)… There are occasionally small gaps or bubbles in the fuel flow and other times its solid fuel flow… Should this be the case?.. Is there an air leak between the fuel tank and the filter housing or is this normal?…
4. Looking at the turbo from under the vehicle, it is covered in oil. Feeling the small rubber pipe from the actuator, there was lots of sediment so I presume this to be needing replacing. Now this looks like a nightmare job… does anyone have any tips on a simple procedure here… or am I committed to taking the turbo off just to replace a small rubber pipe?
5. Does anyone know of a test for example with a volt meter, for the Crankshaft Position Sensor to see if this is at fault?
6. There is a breather valve that exits the rocker cover next to the oil filler cap and connects into the air intake. The connecting grommet for the rocker cover is broken. Does anyone know of a suitable replacement or is it a case of bodging it up?
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