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It dawned on me, picking these up preowned was a great value versus the 03 and newer rigs. How many of us have defected or added BMW based Ranges? While I do like the 08 to 12 models, they aren't the same bargains at age 10 as the P38s were and still are.

Would love the newer tech and supercharging, but maybe not the complexity and cost. 10 year old cars now seem to cost tons more than what I paid in 2011 and 2018. Hope we have a god shot to rise up like the Classic and other ol skool trucks

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We added an L322 Supercharged, which has been great.

Part of what you are noticing may be due to inflation. P38s stickered for $58k-$66k. The Jaguar-based L322s (06-09) stickered between $75k and $95k.

Although the 10-yr residual is different, I guarantee that L322s have lost just as much value.
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