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P38 central locking problems

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So we bought a 2001 P38 few weeks ago. It had 2 remote fobs with it that have never really worked so have been accessing car by the key. Occasionally the passenger door lock wouldn't unlock on first attempt with key and so you would have to lock and then unlock again. So to yesterday, went to get in car and only drivers door would unlock. Passenger door wouldn't unlock at all. Open drivers door and alarm goes off. Called out AA as the range rover was on driveway blocking our other car. He disconnects horn so at least alarm isn't sounding anymore otherwise think neighbours might have gone nuts. Tried key in ignition to move car and it wouldn't take immobilizer off.
On this forum found a post about something similar and how to bypass the immobilizer by grounding two wires in the drivers door loom and showed AA man and so that is what we did.

So now car starts and drives, driver door locks and unlocks on key but not other door locks.

What do you suggest to get all locks working on key from drivers door? Im not that bothered if we don't have remote locking if that helps.
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The key is only a back up for the remotes. There are countless threads and even a stickie above on testing door latches, replacing latches and getting your system operating properly. The main thing to remember is that without operating remotes you have to trust your latches. If your primary latch fails your system can think it is being stolen and completely lock you out. At that juncture you will be shipping your BeCM off to a specialist to be unlocked.

Start off testing your drivers latch. Be careful as with age parts like rod retainers can become brittle.

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