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P38 Battery drain test procedure

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Hi All,

My battery is draining again for some reason. I am aware of the issues surrounding the BECM not going to sleep and I have had a good look over everything.

Issue that I am having that I cannot remember exactly the proper test procedure, ie, bonnet open or shut? Doors open? Key in ignition?

Last time I ran this test there was a great test procedure published somewhere but I cant for the life of me seem to find it at the moment. I think it may have been a link to an Andy Cunningham site but cant find it now.

I've put the test meter between the battery negative and the earth lead but am getting absoultely no reading at all and none of the electrics are working, and as a result, the meter is reading zero!! Unfortunately I can't remember whether the electrics were working last time or not when the meter was in line. I do remember however that I was getting a good reading on the meter.

I thought that it may have been that the fuse had gone in the meter but checked it once with my "spare" and again with my mates who came round and checked it. Although im not particularly confident with electrics my mate is a marine electronics guy who does it for a living and he couldn't get a reading either.

So then, dear readers. Can anyone remember the correct procedure for doing the test? Its my last day off and I'd like to be able to get to work tomorrow!!


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Here you go
or look at the top of the main page there is a stickie on electrical probs :thumb:
If the battery is flat, and from what you say it is flat, the first step is to charge the battery, preferably off the vehicle. This will take some hours, so I hope you have started already. Testing with a flat battery in place is a waste of time for yourself and everyone else you suck in.
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