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Replacing your own airsprings;

One thing the instructions on this site don't mention, is how easy it is to replace a P38 airspring. A year ago I was on a road trip to Pendelton, Oregon for work and I lost suspension 80 miles short of my destination. I had an appointment I couldn't miss so I proceeded on the bump stops at full speed (You can calm the nightmarish bouncing if you break or accelerate at just the right times - not recommended). After driving back to portland another 180 miles, I took it to "Land Rover of Portland" (good people). They assessed and replaced one leaking airbag for $786.00 with no noticeable damage from the bump stop ride, I was happy. Now my front air bags started leaking so I bought two new front bags from Atlantic British for 129.95 each and following the guide on this site I replaced both today in about 3 hours. I have very little experience with this level of vehicle repair but was tired of the high cost of maintenance. This repair was one of the simplest I have done (thanks to RR.net repair section) and am shocked at the savings. Ride, handling and lift speed were all noticeably improved.

I did not depressurize the system
I did not remove the inner wheel well linners
I did not disconnect the battery
I did remove the tires
I did hear a pop while raising after the intitial inflation (like a tire poping onto a bead at Les Schwabs) - no issues.

After replacment of Airsprings the only thing I did was start up the vehicle and it rose right up perfectly.

Advice: do not get frustrated with the retaining clips. when your in the right position you can easily pop them off. have a magnet handy to retrieve.


Thank you RRs.Net
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