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Ok so here is what I got.

2001 RR P38 4.6L SE - I have replaced my ABS / Speed Sensors all 4, Ball Joints, Calipers, Battery, Track Rod, Tires, ABS ECU, Axle Seals, Transfer Case.

Right now I am banging my head with an electrical issue i'm trying to narrow down. First off i'm aware the possibility of receiving bad parts from orders but continue at this point assuming they are good as I have done tests after tests. I attempted to clear the codes using a standard OBD-II scanner to no prevail. Took it down to the garage had a bud scan it with his and came back and says it is only seeing a signal from the RR Sensor and the others are all open circuits.
The issues I was having prior to this was the the TC light was on solid only kicking in when I made a turn, cleared them after replacing the ABS Sensors everything was fine.
Now my ABS and TC light are on solid drives fine been on for awhile then one morning my speedo stopped. Order in the exact ABS ECU at first everything was still solid and no speedometer while reversing. Put in gear and started moving forward the speedometer started moving HORAAAY! but the ABS and TC and Cruise control still not working. Parked 2 more times and now back to the same thing no speedo. nothing changed from parking at one location to the other so I dont see anything that could have happened in between to cause the speedometer to stop working again.

Help please i've been at this for weeks.
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