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1995-2002 Range Rover P38A
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Hi all,

Have had in the past a 4 litre non thor se - which managed to loose all brakes, air suspension, and hevac in one go on a hill in devon (brown is the colour of fear); two classics - one I had converted to LPG and it never worked again.... one had brake fade in wales (no real problem, it's quite flat there) and two disco's - which all worked perfectly, apart from a XYZ switch / pipe coming off gearbox / door locks deciding they were cabbages instead of locks etc and still buy LR - must be a thing...

Then a dry spell (business not good) and after 4 years of saving (and looking, there are much unloved examples out there) I am the very proud owner of a 1999 4.6 HSE with the THOR engine and I have almost got her to concourse, although used every day and won't be showing - not my thing :) - and now of course she is poorly & I need help....

Also hope I may be able to shed some light on previous woes for others, like you don't need a new turbo on a T5 when you hear a whining noise on shut down (RR wanted to fit a new turbo - it is just the secondary oil filter !!)

That, I guess is me..
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