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Hi all.

Managed to find a lovely P38 around a year ago in Devon.
Having owned a couple of Classics previously, and subsequently being priced out of them, I thought the P38 would be ideal as an alternative.
Bought it from Tim who had owned it for a good number of years (15 perhaps) and had a meticulous service record.
It was bought with a coolant leak and I replaced the valley gasket and after pump.
It was never right though, and subsequently over heated.

So this is where the fun began.
I have replaced the thermostat, expansion tank cap, viscous fan coupling and radiator.
It still over heated so I've now removed both the cylinder heads.
I was hoping to see something obviously wrong with either, or both, of the head gaskets, but nothing at all to see with them.

So the crux of the post is this, is it worth me getting a full gasket set and rebuilding?
I don't want to put all this time and effort in to it and it still over heats.

Do the blocks or cylinder heads have problems with cracking or anything else I should be looking at?

Thanks in advance for any and all help, Stuart.
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