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After parking my p38 for about 3 hours the brakes got very sprongy and the dash lit up with traction control, abs and brake warning lights. The fluid levels are fine. I did a quick cylinder bleed and it worked, until the morning the issue persisted.

I saw other post about replacing the accumulator. But figured I’d ask around a little.

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Re: P38 “TC” “brake” “abs”

It's normal. The P38 uses a dual powered and hydraulic systems. When the car has been left the pressure will have bled out of the powered circuit so all you have is the hydraulic giving a spongy pedal and very little braking effort. As soon as you switch on the ignition you will hear the ABS pump running to pressurise the powered system and the warning lights will be lit. Until it is up to pressure, around 30 seconds or so usually, the warning lights will stay on then the TC and brake warning lights go out (unless you have the handbrake on as the brake warning light doubles as a handbrake warning light), the ABS light goes out once you reach 5 mph. The symptom of a tired accumulator is a pump that doesn't run for long and kicks in after every press of the brake pedal. When it gets really bad, the warning lights will come on every time you press the brake pedal.
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