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2002-2005 Range Rover MkIII / L322
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"P1614 - Electric thermostat circuit open. Drive cycle A"

Hi all,

fired up the little beauty, drove off, after 15 minutes of driving the live stream showed coolant temperature to be 75 degrees Celsius, whereas radiator coolant temperature was still 13.5 degC.

Had new thermostat and radiator fitted last week so don't really know what's the problem here.
Could over filling the coolant tank potentially have anything to do with it?

On a general note: My diagnostics tool gives me a number of different temperatures:
"radiator coolant temp"
"coolant temp"
"engine temperature"
"oil temperature " ( found under the section "auto-gearbox", so I presume that temperature is relating to the transmission oil).
Can the diagnostics tools read out the engine oil temperature ?

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