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2002-2005 Range Rover P38A
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2002 P38 4.6 Auto is showing P0741 fault and will not shift into low range. I am not experiencing any performance issues related to the torque converter clutch.

But I'm unable to engage the low range. I was wheeling last week and noticed when moving into Low range something got 'stuck' in Neutral, no drive gear at any position and when I attempted to place the shifter into Park, a grinding noise occurred, I didn't force it, but returned to other gear movements. After a few movements between H and L it finally went into Low range.

After we were done getting muddy - I put it back into High, but now it won't change back to Low range.

My dash displays the gears and audible, the H shifter led's show amber on low side. I removed the motor from the transfer case, and while hanging by the wiring harness, verified that when the shifter was moved from high to low side, the worm gear rotated, in both directions. While I had the motor off, I was able to turn the transfer case spindle relatively easily.

Since I've seen the motor rotate with high/low range selector movement, is that a false positive? Would the P0741 somehow affect this condition?
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