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P 38a 4.6 HSE Rear Diff

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Does anyone have any experience in dismantling a rear diff on a 1997 model? I took it out and now I have it on my workbench.

I need to get the crown wheel and the pinion out of the assembly, so I can replace them both.

The pinion has two broken teeth and damaged the crown wheel.

Has anyone tried to do this on their own or is this a specialist job only?

I have a well-equiped workshop and the Range Rover Workshop Manual. In the Manual I only found how to take the rear diff out, but there is nothing on how to dissasemble the diff assembly and nothing about the torque values for re-assembly.

Is there a resource anywhere on the net or does anyone know how to do this? I did a search on these forums, but I didn't find anything relevant to my problem. I did find a topic about a front diff bearing change and the author mentioned that he had to have the whole axle washed and cleaned of debris. I suppose I will have to do that as well? Are there any recommendations on what fluids to use to rinse the axle? Any help is welcome and appreciated.

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So the best solution would be to buy a reconditioned assembly and flush the axle in case any debris made it there?

Do you think about 350 GBP is a fair price for a reconditioned assembly which I can buy in the UK?

Do you think I can just get the crown wheel and pinion and then take it all to a specialist so he can repair it or do I need to take it all to a Land Rover specialist? I ask because for about 110 GBP I can get just the crown wheel and the pinion.

Sadly here in Slovenia the Land Rover dealership would just try to sell me a complete new axle, which I think I don't need.
The Crown wheel and pinion I found on Ebay and I found the reconditioned one at Rimmerbros. Thank you for the Ashcroft info.

I am still looking for a diff specialist, but I think the best solution for me will have to be a reconditioned one as for now I did not find a good specialist for differentials here.

Looking at the Ashcroft page, I'm leaning strongly towards getting one of their diffs. Thanks again for the tip.
Hi guys,
as most of you might be doing as well, I am still looking how to repair it by myself.

isn't inserting an ARB locker almost the same job? You have to remove the crown wheel, insert it on the locker, put it all together and adjust everything.
On Devon 4x4 I have found a pictorial guide to fitting an ARB RD56 air locker in a Land Rover differential. - Articles courtesy of Land Rover Monthly magazine. - in pdf.
In there almost all of what I need to do that job by mayself is explained, isn't it? Basically, I'm just missing instructions on how to change the pinion?

I searched the forum and found the thread "Differential Pinion Seal and Flange Replacement - DIY PICs" with nice pictures on how to replace seal. There one can see what the pinion asembly looks like inside from that side.

I have a 50 ton bearing press and a lathe and a universal milling machine, etc. For me it is no problem to make any kind of special tools if needed.

Should I find any instructions on the pinion I will then try and dismantle the assembly and put it back together with the new parts and make sure I document the whole thing for the benefit of all.

Any help is appreciated on how to remove the pinion and not break something. Is there anything else that needs to be adjusted on the pinion side, besides the bearings?
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Hello again.

After taking the diff to an expert, I had to admit defeat. It turns out that all his work, materials and such would cost me quite a bit and I might as well just get the recon. diff.

Thanks for all the advice you guys provided, I might have done something silly if I hadn't come here.

I'll keep you guys posted should I run into any new and unexpected trouble.
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