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P 38a 4.6 HSE Rear Diff

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Does anyone have any experience in dismantling a rear diff on a 1997 model? I took it out and now I have it on my workbench.

I need to get the crown wheel and the pinion out of the assembly, so I can replace them both.

The pinion has two broken teeth and damaged the crown wheel.

Has anyone tried to do this on their own or is this a specialist job only?

I have a well-equiped workshop and the Range Rover Workshop Manual. In the Manual I only found how to take the rear diff out, but there is nothing on how to dissasemble the diff assembly and nothing about the torque values for re-assembly.

Is there a resource anywhere on the net or does anyone know how to do this? I did a search on these forums, but I didn't find anything relevant to my problem. I did find a topic about a front diff bearing change and the author mentioned that he had to have the whole axle washed and cleaned of debris. I suppose I will have to do that as well? Are there any recommendations on what fluids to use to rinse the axle? Any help is welcome and appreciated.

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It would be in your best interest to take it to a good shop and let someone who is experienced repair it. Then you can put it back in yourself.
I say this with 30+ years as a drivtrain specialist. Pinion depth calculation , bearing preload, and clearance values are very important.
It also takes a few specialty tools and a bearing press.
It should run you 3-5 hrs labor for a bench repair including teardown and inspection of the carrier internals.
One last comment, please add your location to your profile if you expect to find local help.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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