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P 38a 4.6 HSE Rear Diff

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Does anyone have any experience in dismantling a rear diff on a 1997 model? I took it out and now I have it on my workbench.

I need to get the crown wheel and the pinion out of the assembly, so I can replace them both.

The pinion has two broken teeth and damaged the crown wheel.

Has anyone tried to do this on their own or is this a specialist job only?

I have a well-equiped workshop and the Range Rover Workshop Manual. In the Manual I only found how to take the rear diff out, but there is nothing on how to dissasemble the diff assembly and nothing about the torque values for re-assembly.

Is there a resource anywhere on the net or does anyone know how to do this? I did a search on these forums, but I didn't find anything relevant to my problem. I did find a topic about a front diff bearing change and the author mentioned that he had to have the whole axle washed and cleaned of debris. I suppose I will have to do that as well? Are there any recommendations on what fluids to use to rinse the axle? Any help is welcome and appreciated.

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I think kerosene or varsol [paint thinner would be OK. Then blow out with air. I guess the safest would be to pull the outer hubs and then clean the carcass. Possibly a garden sprayer would be usefull. Interesting piece of machinery. I needed ring and pinion for my former 1936 series 40 Buick coupe. One of the differential carrier bearings let go and your unit looks almost exactly the same. I got a used rear end, new bearings [single race ball bearings] and had a shop changeover the gears and put in the new bearings. They used colored lead powder to check for the proper mesh pattern of the teeth. I'm not sure about preload on the bearings or the gear backlash but specs must be available. Having said that, if a shop charges 3-5 hours as estimated by g then the price difference is not that excessive. I once had a '73 Saab and moved the ring & pinion .003 thousands closer together in an effort to reduce gear backlash which seemed excessive. 30,000 miles later the pinion gear sheared off its shaft. Were you doing something that loaded the diff unit which caused the failure. You might also pm Selby on this site since he went thru a diff change also. I appreciate you wanting to keep your own parts in there, rather then someone else's part that has been rebuilt so good luck with your quest and let us know of your progress.
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