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Overheating Issue/No Condensor Fans

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I’ve got a stubborn overheating issue. It’s more prevalent at idle but still runs a bit warm when driving as well. I have a new radiator in the vehicle and the viscous fan seems to be strong. I tested it with a high pressure water stream against it and it stayed rotating. The overheating happens with the air con on and off although it gets hotter with the air con on. I was leaning more towards it being a faulty water pump but when I spray the radiator with cool water the engine temp comes back down which is traditionally a way of testing an airflow issue. I’ve never heard the condensor fans run even though it’s rarely under 90 outside here. I’ve manually powered both fans and I know they work. I’ve put my IR gun on the output side of the engine and it’s 225-235 degrees. My question is am I over thinking a bad water pump or do I have a fan issue causing my overheat issue? Thank you for the assistance!
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could be a bad earth or dodgy radiator cap?
Overthinking? Probably.....a bit.....
It does sound like a water pump, and/ or a possible sticky thermostat.
The electric fans are associated with the aircon, but will trigger on a high heat situation as well.
90 is not high heat for a RR.
If the pump is about 100k miles old, it is time. Get the best one you can find. not the cheapest!
(Unless you really like replacing the pump repeatedly :dance: )
I’m 2nd ing pump, if the rads new then it’s a circulation problem,
I’ll 3rd the pump. Also, thoroughly back flush the block through when the pump is being replaced.
Mine went at 140k klm......just eroded away....similar symptoms.

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Thank you for the help guys. I’m ordering a water pump and thermostat for the truck and will go from there. Dealing with this hurricane so I haven’t had a chance to check back in and post into this.

Finished pulling the last boats out today and got the house ready.


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Good Luck Mate......keep safe!
Just updating this thread to help people searching this in the future. I replaced both the water pump and thermostat. I suspect the thermostat was the issue here as the water pump looked pretty new with no weeping. I didn’t test the thermostat in biking water to verify that though. Truck is running nice and cool.

A quick tip for when you are refilling the coolant system, pull the top pipe off the radiator and back fill the block from there. It pushes the air back up through the coolant tank. Saves a lot of time.
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