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2002-2005 Range Rover MkIII / L322
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Hi all, I want to ask a daft question, has my Range Rover been in to overfinch for work? Sounds daft I know, reason I ask is when I purchased the car it’s got 3 overfinch badges on it, one on the front grille, one on the rear and one on the steering wheel. Being totally honest I thought it was purely cosmetic, I didn’t even ask the chap who I bought it off about it! Now a friend of mine has had a look and says it’s a possibility it has been in to overfinch to have ‘work done’ as he said the exhaust was a dead giveaway!?! I honestly don’t know and I’m tempted to pay the £40 overfinch wants to do a background check, just thought I would ask on here first. It’s a 2003 4.4 v8 and does sound a monster, it’s real quick as well which shocked me a bit as it’s a huge thing! It’s probably not and more likely just had the badges stuck on, but my mate urged me to check it out, will tag some pics on so you all can see. Any info would be greatly appreciated ?




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