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Can anyone tell me how i can tell if a RRC has been overfinched?

I was given an H reg 3.9 Auto today by my neighbour, on the lower tailgate is an Overfinch sticker and it has an Overfinch Steering wheel. The engine is a 3.9 and it has cloth interior..

I haven't driven it yet as its SORN and needs new tyres after being stored for a few years in a barn...

I have emailed Overfinch but don't really expect a reply..

Here is a picture of it in its current state...

Any help would be great, Thanks

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If it's the genuine thing, they usually have a plate in the engine bay. Saying that, I've seen a few that are Overfiched, but not plated, usually because the work done was so minor. I think you have to spend a lot at Overfich to get the plate. :lol: such as brake/engine upgrades.

What additions (other than the steering wheel) can you see which aren't standard?
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