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Am having a strage problem with my range over heating

If you leave it ilding its fine, drive it around normaly its fine, if you floor it somthines its fine but most of the time the gauge heads to the red.

If you back off / pull over and let it idle / turn the heater on to hot and the blowers on full, it pulls the temp back down to normal.

I have tried a few things:-

Checked for water leaks, none
checked theres the correct amont of water, fine
checked for oil water mix etc, fine
left the cap off the header tank to check for exhaust bubbles, nothing
Flushed the water system
changed the thermostat

Am also going to make sure the rads got nothing blocking the fins so it has the correct air flow

Any body have any other ideas?

Another strange thing if you turn the car off ( with temp at normal ) lock it and leave it for 5mins the air con fans turn on and stay on for a age ( is this normal?)

Can anyone point to any other problems / things to check?


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