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Long time lurker, but I'm looking to get my first Range Rover. I'm currently in a lease and want to custom build a 2020 RR SVR. I shopped around a bit, and some dealers mentioned I should order now as they'll be getting in some shipments of these cars, and can just custom build it right there and then before it leaves port and be ready by the fall or early next year...

My only thing is, I'm already in a lease that is slated to end in Oct next year. I was thinking of ordering late this year/early next year, so the car will be built and in by the time my current lease is up. Can anyone offer some insight into what I should do? Has anyone had this situation?

And what should I expect in terms of a deposit? The car is looking like it'll be around $130k MSRP (I know, I'll probably trim some stuff off of my custom build...)

Any help is appreciated... thanks all.
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