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Optimum Gloss Coat + Other Optimum Products on Car (& Truck)

(((This post was taking from my Jaguar Forum post, but you see the RRS as well)))

About a month and a half ago, I got around to doing full details on my 3 vehicles, the Jag being 1 of them.
I had been checking out this new Optimum Gloss Coat, along with some of their other products, for some time. A guy that's been doing Custom work for me about 6 yrs, who owns a Custom shop, showed me a bit of cars he had done with it, not knowing or thinking I'd try it myself! It'd been $1,200 for him to do my (well, that was the Price he gave me for my truck) Vehicle, plus Rims. ($400 for the Rims)

So I got to looking it up, & bought a 20cc bottle of it, plus the Optimum Paint prep, Optimum Clay-bar, some Super Plush Microfiber towels, 32ounce Optimum Tire Gel, & 32ounce Optimum No Rinse Wash & Wax Solution. I already have a Griots DA buffer, Meguairs Cutting Discs plus the D300 Paint Correction Compound.

So I washed her really good, Clay-barred her, then went over it with the Paint prep Spray; got the DA buffer, & cut the paint; went back over it with the Paint Prep again, then applied the Opti Gloss Coat to the car, trim, headlights & Rims (Rims were later being I got them refurbish a week later after doing the detail.

(​This video unfortunately doesn't do it justice, but it gets the point across)

Here is my RRS showing what the NR Wash & Wax does after Gloss Coat is applied!.. (excuse the sniffles from allergies)
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