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Opinions needed

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I guess I'm looking for the 03-05 gang with this one...

I am absolutely in love with AC Schnitzer Type II 22" wheels on the RR... I'm thinking about splurging and getting a set for my RRS. I wanted to ask any members who have owned or have had experience with these wheels to tell me how you liked them, how they held up, etc...

I also need help on some of the technical aspects. I know I that offsets are similar between the full RR and the sport, however my RRS is supercharged. I know these wheels were popular with the RR's in the BMW engine era, before the brembo brakes were available. So I'm wondering if they will clear the brembos of an 06-09 supercharged or if I may need spacers...

Thanks and all feedback is welcome and most appreciated.

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I agree that most oversized wheels look distasteful. However the I think the more simplistic styles can look great. For instance the Stormers (OEM) come in replica 22's that I think look just right.. not blinged out or anything. The AC Schnitzer type II is another one of those that does not look pimped out IMO. I saw them once on a buckingham blue full size RR and it was *gorgeous*. Makes sense that AC Schnitzer dress RR up since they were owned by BMW... Come to think of it, I can't even find any pictures of a RR with the AC Schnitzers. :(
miami m3 said:
i finally picked up ACS type IIIs for my e46 M3

i love them, and have seen a couple of RR rocking the type IIs -- good luck Alex finding a set
Small [cyberspace] world isn't it Russell?

I remember I had those type III's in 18" for my M3... Glad to see that style still lives. Car is looking great... makes me miss mine.
How ya been Russ? Although no longer a BMW owner, I still live on E46f.com. It's funny how many fanatics make it here. The sport forum has a few.

I caught a silver RR HSE on ACS Type II"s by my place in Coconut Grove... I actually stopped, parked and snapped some pictures... I'll get them off my phone later. They were curbed but still I was drooling. I think they would look dynamite on my silver sport. I wonder if they will clear my S/C's Brembo's though...

I guess it does rob some of the RR's off-road styling. But hey, mine came with 20's and low-profile tires anyways... plus it RARELY leaves paved roads. Also I could keep the OEM 20's and throw some beefier tires on there and swap them out if I wanted to do some off roading.
Here are pics I snapped with my iPhone of the silver RR with the AC Schnitzers... Goodness I love them.

And here's a bad photoshop concept of what they could look like on my silver RRS...

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