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Opinions needed

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I guess I'm looking for the 03-05 gang with this one...

I am absolutely in love with AC Schnitzer Type II 22" wheels on the RR... I'm thinking about splurging and getting a set for my RRS. I wanted to ask any members who have owned or have had experience with these wheels to tell me how you liked them, how they held up, etc...

I also need help on some of the technical aspects. I know I that offsets are similar between the full RR and the sport, however my RRS is supercharged. I know these wheels were popular with the RR's in the BMW engine era, before the brembo brakes were available. So I'm wondering if they will clear the brembos of an 06-09 supercharged or if I may need spacers...

Thanks and all feedback is welcome and most appreciated.

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Ditto. :hand:
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