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opening a remote fob

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so after fighting it out on FeEbay for a new remote I find a smoking deal only to read after that it wont work unless its matched with my Rover. I tried to take my old on apart but it seems like its almost glued? Anybody ever cut one open and put the guts of the old in a new case?

my keyblade snapped the plastic housing off my old fob but still works....
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it's doable, members have done it, i need to do it to one of mine, and i don't have the stones to try. on the main page and if you search the tales of joy and heartbreak are laid out. it involes prying the two halves apart by wedging a spreading device into the blade grove and praying from what i can recall. please let us know how you make out. the internals seem intimidating to anyone without a degree in electrical engineering and i'm scared to death of them. one of the members posted some pics when i asked about this recently. start there by searching fob or something to that effect.
thanks for that link, I did a search but could not find it.

There was no way mine was coming apart like the thread stated...maybe if you hit it really hard!
I ended up cutting mine almost in half and sliding my old board into the new housing.
Then glued it back up and sanded and finished it up.

I had no luck opening two but maybe you guys will have better luck :crybaby2:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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