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Okie Rover, you were right on.

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I was given advice about doing hubs without using the 2-1/16 socket for the lock nuts. I was leery about what he suggested, as I am the person that creates more problems when trying to improvise (unless it is an emergency, then it always seems to work out). Anyway, just wanted to say that a BFH and a large flat screwdriver is more than adeqate to remove these nuts. These trucks are truly designed to be field stripped and repaired using the least amount of simple tools.

I got my shocks and rear wheel bearings/seals/brakes done over the past few days, and holy cow what an improvement. The wheel bearings looked like they were riding on a mixture of mud and wd40 for lube. These two jobs have killed so much noise and improved ride 100%. Tires this week I hope.
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