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I have a Range Rover 3.0 TD6 2005, with the BMW engine, that it has some preheater for the oil or water, I don´t know, but the problem is that every time that I open one door or unlock the car, although the engine is not started, this device starts to make a noise like a fan. This comes from the front-right wing. It is running until I start the engine or by time until two minutes or something like this.
The problem is that I understand that this “Engine preheater” is only for cold conditions but in my case it works during all the weather temperature times.

Then I had two questions:

  1. Should it works during the whole year or only in certain temperatures (for example below 5°C or something).
  2. In the case that It should have to work only in this certain cold conditions, what do you think it would have to be the problem? Maybe the temperature sensor?

The out Temperature indicator in the car works quite well, I mean it indicates the correct data.

Thank you very much for your support,
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