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Oil level overfilled

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Just had my RRS V8 serviced yesterday and today I check my oil level in the dash and it says overfilled. Gotta love those dealer service departments.
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How much? If it is so much as few ounces it will register as over filled according to the dash gauge. Do you have a vacuum pump you can pull out a cup or two?
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Just so you know mine was delivered from the factory with 12 miles on it and that warning showing. I was going to take it to the dealership but by the 3rd day it was not going off any longer. the over filled sensor might be super sensitive. Or like you said, the service people might be incompetent. LOL
I get that every service on mine. Never bothered me nor the car and as far as I can tell its harmless. My AMG C63 got this too for the two times its been into servivce and like the rover, I dont notice anything. Are you saying even two cups over can be harmful or is that in jest?
I actually inquired about the engine oil overfilled message to my dealer after my year 1 service last year and they advised that since there is no dipstick, there's no way for them to actually verify if its under or overfilled as the L494s rely on sensors now. They go by the recommended spec by LR to fill with 9 quarts after the vacuum removal of old oil. They said that they also use an additive with the oil that can also result in a slight overfill. According to the service manager and shop foreman, there is no impact when this happens as the engines naturally burn a little bit of oil over time as a normal condition. Again, nothing to be worried about.
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