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oil leak saga continues... front oil seal question?

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Ok, so I replaced my oil pan gasket and that is all good to go. No leaks. Turns out that wasn't my main source of leaks.

With the engine on, I can see oil seeping right out from the middle of the bottom pulley (is this the front engine seal?) and it runs right down to the oil pan and drips from there....

If I rev the engine, it leaks worse...from what I can tell, that is the front engine seal? http://www.roverparts.com/Parts/ERR6490.cfm

If that is it, is there a write up on replacing those? Is it a hard item to replace?

Secondly, I'm getting oil leaking out from the plate behind the oil pan that is on the tranny. I thought that was just a cover plate for the pressure plate/etc..., but oil is leaking out the seal for that....is there even suppose to be oil in there? Could that signal a rear seal leaking? I don't even want to know how hard that is to replace....

Thanks for some info?
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Another option for your front leak could be the temp sensor or cam sensor. They can seep down and give the impression of the front seal. If it truely is the front seal you should pull your front cover for installation and check your sensor seals and timing chain. Since you'll have the water pump off you may as well replace that. :mrgreen:
sounds like fun....the water pump was recently replaced....

I wonder if the cam sensor or temp sensor can be replaced without removing the front cover?

As far as the rear seal, there is oil leaking from the bell housing cover...

at this point I might just go buy rebuild in a can :) .......
You can always see if you can find a radiator cap jack. :lol:

Temp sensor is pretty easy to replace and not that expensive. If you have a first gen sensor there was a TSB on it so all of the replacements are the updated version. The cam sensor is pretty tucked away. You will want to be really careful with it as it's around $350. The ORing for it is only a couple of bucks though.
thanks for the info....i have one more for you.

I've also got a massive leak where the front driveshaft goes into the transmission... what part is this called. Pinion Seal? Do you have to have any special parts to replace this seal?
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