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Yes it is, there are several existing posts about oil leaking from the vacuum pump. I've had to replace the seal on both of our 2012 5.0 AJ133s. It's been a little while since I've seen a post about it, but if you run a search for the vacuum pump, and look for topics about oil leaks you should find where some of us have posted the problem including the part number for the replacement seal.
Repair is pretty easy, with only 2 torx head bolts holding the pump to the block. Try not to remove the other 2 torx bolts there, since that would let the cover off of the pump & you'd have to put it back together again, unnecessarily - it's the seal between the pump & block that leaks.
Unless you drain some oil before removing it, oil will pour out when you remove it, so drain a couple of quarts out prior to removal.
...BUT those details & more are in the existing posts that offer the experience of those that have been there & done that.
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