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I have seen some grumblings on another LR forum (which I am not a member) about how the customer can no longer change oil on these new motors.

This could not be farther from the truth. Yes, there is no dipstick. Yes, there is no drain plug.

Here's the deal:

If you take off the oil fill cap, you will see a small tube in the center. The oil is suctioned out through this tube with a vacum pump. I have been doing oil changes with this method for years and it works great! This is the pump I use:

You can get this pump from a number of places, this is just an example I googled. The 7201 has recently been replaced with a 7203, but is essentially the same. Just make sure you get the 8.8 liter pump, as you will pull 8 liters of oil out.

The oil filter is now a cartridge type similar to the BMW filters of the past. It is located upper right front of engine, under the plastic cover.

1. LR specifically says to only use the new Castrol SLX 5w-20 designed for Jag/LR It is only available at the dealer. I'm not going to go into the absurdity of 15k oil changes-- I have already changed mine at 1k, will change again at 5k and then every 5k there after.

2. The oil filter is stupidly expensive from LR- $45, but the identical filter for the Jags is $25???????????????

This is by far, the nicest and easiest oil change on the planet!!!

Umbertob, would you please send this response over to RR World, or whatever site you were responding to.

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