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What kind of offroading do you do?

  • I only use mine in the Urban Jungle (Roads are bad enough)

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Offroading Poll

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They say that only 5% of the 4x4 owners will take thier suv/truck offroad. Over the years I found some brands you will see offroad more than others. (Jeep, Land Rover, Toyota & ect..) I searched this site about a month before I bought my 05 RR and I found that many members on this MrkIII board tend to be more into pimping out the interior and 20+ inch wheels. (I have no problems with that; it is your ride and I don't pay your bills) But I was wandering on how many of you do any offroading in your Rangies. The majority of us use our Rangies as our primary ride; so I understand not wanting to damage it or break something that will cost us big $$$. When I bought my first Disco in 98; I was amazed on what it could do and it had me hooked on offroading ever since. (I don't mean to offend anyone; sorry if I did)

I thought I would create a poll to find out how we use our Rangies.
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GLOL, good luck with your can o' worms poll! :lol:

Oh and:

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I took the last option 'cause I couldn't pass it up.

I just finished hand rubbing the thing and cannot imagine all the stone chips I'd get from real off roading.

OTOH, hopping curbs in the Urban Jungle or pulling bushes in the Suburs is something one can happily do with the Rangie.

The look on the faces of the drivers pulled to the side by deep the puddles when the snow is melting and the rains a pouring is priceless.
I'd like to see more offroad pictures `) :clap:
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