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I spent the last few months fixing my semi-abandoned RRS up, I got it to "reliable" state where i felt that i could finally stretch its old struts off the beaten path. I put "reliable" in quotes because I’m getting a C1A13 code only after going from off-road height back down to normal. Knowing this, I tried my best to keep it in normal height. My "mods" are 2.5" lift rods and 285/6018 Atturo Trail Blade XT tires.

My last off road car was a 01 Nissan Xterra 4x4 that i had built up moderately - 4" of lift, 33" tires, protection. It was an "old school" rig for sure with no traction control of any kind, a ladder frame, no locking diffs, and a tried-and-true solid axle suspended by leafs. It took some effort to wheel it well, but it rewarded you when driven correctly.

The trail i used was all dirt/small rock paths with climbing...and mud...lots of mud. I read up on how to use the terrain response effectively - leave it in mud/rut mode with DSC off for the terrain I was on.

Things went great. It took me a few moments to realize this rig is completely different from the Xterra I had prior. With the Xterra, as soon as I would feel the rig buck from not getting traction, I would lay off the throttle and try a different approach, left foot braking to limit wheel spin - with the rangie, I would just modulate the gas pedal and let the computers work it all out. It was quite impressive. The articulation I had with the Xterra (cut bump stops, lengthened brake lines) was far greater than the rangie, but it seems that having 2-3 wheels on the ground is all I need to move forward. Hell it seemed that if only one wheel had traction, it would still pull it up a muddy hill.

But then when going into low range, the rangie decided to also go into off-road height - things were fine for a few moments, but then I got the amber suspension fault. I lost all the special programs and it showed. Thankfully I still had low range and also had the extra clearance in off road height. It felt like off-roading with the Xterra again, where I really had to calculate my every move. I still made it everywhere, but not nearly as easily as before.

Overall I was impressed with the rangie’s capabilities. I was with a buddy with an overland-built Tacoma (with the rear locker) and went everywhere he went...with less effort (no rear locker on my RRS). My only casualty was losing those front wings on the bumper...which i've been meaning to get rid of anyway :mrgreen:

I’ve been dreading trying to fix my air compressor since I sheared off the exhaust valve bolt on my last one. I called a few LR shops in my area and they won’t touch it for the same reason, guess I’ll have to get a whole new one. I did a hard battery reset at the end of the trail and that cleared the code. My iCarsoft tool would clear it too, but it would immediately come back.

Here are some pics:

Screen Shot 2019-05-27 at 7.59.36 PM.png



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