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I have them also and the fitment is excellent. Zero issues with gaps. Like the stock lights, the holes that bolt them to the body are slightly larger than the bolts themselves so you can align them to get the gaps perfect before locking them down tight.

As mentioned above, the black trim that covers the holes is the hardest part. Just very fiddly. Unlike the light bolt holes, theres zero slop between the slot in the light and the tab on the trim piece, and theres some weatherstripping to get rolled back over it...plastic trim tools are you friend here. It just takes some patience to get it all lined up and fitted so its all looks exactly as it was stock. But in the end it looks mint. Takes 5 minutes to remove fit the lights and took me 15 to get the drivers side trim back in perfect for some reason on mine. Passenger side went in first shot.

'14 SC
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